Katie + Brian | Union Trust Wedding

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Katie and Brian over the course of a few years and what I have to say about them is that they are solid. They are everything you hope your kids find in a mate for each other. They are rich in love and in family and there are no greater blessings than that.

Here are some of my favorite images from our day together.

Lauren + Paul | Bella Vista Wedding | Gilbertsville Wedding Photographer

Lauren + Paul are the kind of couple a photographer misses after the wedding is over. I had the honor of documenting their wedding day last summer in all it's joyful moments. Lauren + Paul have surrounded themselves with the most loving, enthusiastic, hilarious family + friends. I would shoot a wedding like theirs every weekend if I could.

This post is image heavy, so I'll let the photos do the talking now. 

The Y Family | Coventry Family Photographer

I've been photographing Jessica's family since her second-born, Evelyn, was just days old. I've said it a million times before, and I'll keep saying it; the best thing about doing this work is being invited back into people's lives to continue to document all the things that have changed along with all the things that stay the same.

Jessica + Steve are devoted, loving parents who take care to remember that more is caught than taught, and their children are living testaments to that effort.

A Morning With You | The Custatis Family | Oaks Family Photographer

My experience with the Custatis family has always been a rewarding one. Anyone who walks into their old, cozy house would immediately feel the love that lives in these walls as I did as soon as I came in that morning. Maggie (mommy) was a little anxious about what we would do once I arrived. Most Moms have this concern. I told her that in my experience, the kids usually take care of that for us. 

The kids filled it up with room tours, toy chest tours, dress up, anecdotes about how mom doesn't like when their teeth fall out (in a grossed out way more than a sentimental way), tower-building, banner-making, diaper changing, tickle-fighting, on and on. 

Courtney + Jason | An Intimate New Jersey Wedding

Courtney + Jason put a lot of emphasis on family, + spending quality time with their guests on their wedding day. Part of that was finding a photographer who didn't mind documenting the day + not posing the couple for a single photo. 

Hello dream wedding.

What I love about photography is the documentation of a life. Any life. So the more freedom a couple gives me to make it about them enjoying themselves instead of me making it about how my portrait portfolio looks, the happier + more fulfilling I feel in my work.

So, welcome to the wedding I have essentially been waiting 7 years to photograph. 

A Morning with You | The S Family

A sink bath. An alphabet puzzle. Hopping across the kitchen on what Dad thought was the dumbest thing the Easter Bunny could possibly bring. Keeping the sneaky dog out of the bedroom. A few choruses of, "I can do it myself." and "Where's his bottle?". A few minutes spent in time out, alphabet puzzle time again, feeding time again, lunch time at the table. Tickles in between bites from mom, side eye from Dad when tootsies make their way on top of the table. 

Typed out it might not look like much. And if you listed your daily activities you may not see the beauty in the minutiae of your morning. To see that, you'd have to slow it down; maybe even freeze it so you can take a closer look.

A Morning with the Baldasano Family | Boyertown Family Photographer | Almond Photography

"We got him that stool so he could brush his teeth, and reach the top of his dresser, and now he uses it for everything. Any time we're doing something, "STOOL!" He picks it up over his head and  uses it all the time. It's hilarious."

I had already taken a photo of Lukas tiptoed on said stool getting his space projector ready when his mother, Caitlin, laughed about how he uses his beloved stool for as many tasks as possible. It's just this kind of personal detail that has me so fascinated with photographing families in their home. Suddenly, who knows when, Lukas just won't need that stool anymore. He won't proudly carry it around over his head through the halls of the house. It's part of a milestone in his childhood at this time; the need to be independent but still (not that all children his age like to admit this) very dependent on his parents. 

The Sunday morning I spent with the Baldasano's was brimming with love and laughter. That sounds like a wooden DIY sign you might hang over an archway in your house, but in this case, it is true. Coming into a house like their's with such life and warmth to photograph is my absolute favorite. Thank you for having me.