So, I could use one more photo gig to keep up with right? Right. When it comes to photography, I'm up for the challenge. I was intrigued a few weeks ago when my buddy Shannon posted about a 30 Day Photography Challenge she was taking part in.  I thought, "I can do that!" The truth of that statement remains to be seen (I was shooting a wedding October 1 and completely forgot about the challenge. Way ta go slugger.)  I'm going to try to post every 5-days (give or take!) so I don't blow up my blog with a whole months worth. Let's see how long I can keep this goin!

Day 1: Self-portrait.

Fail. Had 2 distinctive opportunities at the wedding Saturday to do this & didn't remember the challenge. What a doof.


On to day 2! "What you wore today."

It was fr-rrreeezing Sunday morning when I left for my Philly e-session. So I wore a sweater, a scarf & well, a seat belt :)

Day 3: Clouds

Home sweet home. These are the nuclear power plant twin towers from home in PA. These are (technically) cloud-makers. Ask any 7-year-old in the area.

Day 4: Something Green

A sign at Costco's gas station. Why do they have liberty to charge $.20 less than the rest of the world? Only the devil knows.

Day 5: From a High Angle

A very humiliated Utley in the tub this afternoon after his swim in the lake. Gooood boooiiiiiii!!!

Hope you enjoyed this! Although I haven't used my fancy-schmancy camera for this challenge (yet), I will in future posts. Maybe? We'll see.