I Almost Forgot

Take a breath. Quiet your mind for just a moment and think. Tell me, what did your life look like exactly one year ago today? Close your eyes and really picture it all of it. Can you even come close to listing all the changes? I’m not talking about how you moved that love seat in the living room, or when you changed your shampoo. I’m talking about the reason you shared that photo you took with your phone to your sister’s page that came up on your Time Hop from 6 years ago, “Remember how Jack used to grab the toes on his left foot, but never the right? I almost forgot about that!”

I almost forgot about that. What nuances in your life do you wish you could bottle up?  Can you think of one? I bet you can think of a dozen.

These nuances + subtleties of your life are what drive me behind the lens.. Nostalgia is powerful.  I believe an image of your 3-year-old’s dimpled knuckles can bring you back to a time that is fleeting the way the smell can take you back to a place in your life in an instant. 

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