A Morning with the Baldasano Family | Boyertown Family Photographer | Almond Photography

"We got him that stool so he could brush his teeth, and reach the top of his dresser, and now he uses it for everything. Any time we're doing something, "STOOL!" He picks it up over his head and  uses it all the time. It's hilarious."

I had already taken a photo of Lukas tiptoed on said stool getting his space projector ready when his mother, Caitlin, laughed about how he uses his beloved stool for as many tasks as possible. It's just this kind of personal detail that has me so fascinated with photographing families in their home. Suddenly, who knows when, Lukas just won't need that stool anymore. He won't proudly carry it around over his head through the halls of the house. It's part of a milestone in his childhood at this time; the need to be independent but still (not that all children his age like to admit this) very dependent on his parents. 

The Sunday morning I spent with the Baldasano's was brimming with love and laughter. That sounds like a wooden DIY sign you might hang over an archway in your house, but in this case, it is true. Coming into a house like their's with such life and warmth to photograph is my absolute favorite. Thank you for having me.