All I need

Last night, we realized we left the dog food at his parent’s house, so we hopped in the truck to go get it. No cellphones, no shoes. Just us.

    As I loaded the food into the back seat of the truck, Chris quickly swept my hand up into his and gently lead me up the driveway toward the road. I swear, I’d follow him anywhere when he takes my hand like this. Across the street was a big summer picnic for a local church and we could hear the faint sounds of live band complete with a brass section. I couldn’t tell you what song was playing, or even hum the melody. Before I could ask what we were doing standing there, I felt his hand on the small of my back and we started to sway right there in the front yard across the street from the band. We laughed as we tried to make out the song unsuccessfully, but continued to sway back and forth to what rhythm we could decipher. Maybe we did this for 30-60 seconds before we walked hand in hand, laughing back to the truck; the tiny stones from the driveway embedding into our feet. But before the dance was over, I caught our happy reflection in a house window and thought, “This is all I need”.