An Ocean City, NJ Family Session | Almond Photography

The smell of saltwater in the air, the boggy bay as you cross the bridge into the city, the warm, beckoning call of waffle cones + funnel cakes. If you grew up in the Philadelphia area, you know these are all familiar smells of the much loved family vacation spot, the Jersey Shore.

Most of us in the area have countless memories + stories from taking vacations with our families to this popular destination. When Elise + her family came to me to do a Family Session in Ocean City with three generations, I fell in love with the idea instantly.

Three little girls, two sets of parents + one set of grandparents met me by Music Pier in Ocean City on a Saturday morning after texts were fired back + forth the 48 hours prior about the rain threatening our session. Parents were admittedly nervous about getting the little ones to cooperate, but there is no “cooperation” needed during these sessions; just let the kids do as they may + they will create moments we could never imagine that are priceless. And they did just that. So here are my favorite moments from my time down the shore with the Canale family.