The Washington at Yellow Springs Wedding | Beth & Mike | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

You always hear horror stories about people's parents trying to set them up. Often times, it's the nature of these stories that serve as the source of material for comedy writers. Not for Beth & Mike. Their mothers set them up on a date years ago &  their story, unlike most, has a very happy ending.

It's the way he picked up the back of her delicate chiffon dress as they walked through the snow. It's the constant nuzzling out in the cold without my prompting; the "in your face!" rap battles on the dance floor.  In all these little moments, you can see how in love they are. I'm so happy they chose me to document that for them. 

Thanks my assistant, Anna, who took quite a few of these wonderful shots that day (and who also sewed a clasp back on to Beth's dress before the sun disappeared behind the trees).