Cameron at 2 weeks

Meet Cameron & his family. Cameron was due September 20, but he decided he was ready sooner & came early!  Luckily, I squeezed his newborn shoot in while I was home for a wedding.  I'm glad I didn't miss out on this little dude. He was real chill & easy to please (at least for the time I was with him. His parents may or may not have a different story).  Cameron's parents are big into golf at Spring Ford Country Club which is where we began the shoot. After getting some shots & successfully avoiding the rain, we re-located to Cameron's home. That is my favorite place to do infant photography. Not specifically Cameron's house, obviously, but on a case to case basis, I love going to the child's home where all the intimate details are. Plus, that's where the little one is most comfortable. I would say Cameron enjoyed his first photo shoot & so did I.  To see a few more images from Cameron's shoot, click here.