Carrie + Dani / Rodale Institute Wedding / Almond Photography

The perfect wedding day. This, to me, is what the perfect wedding day is made up of:

  • Friends + family gathered from all over the country; re-uniting with smiles, tight hugs + laughter.
  • Wedding prep saturated with so much joy + laughter, you can barely hear your shutter going off.
  • A bride who tenderly (but firmly) tries to escort her family out of her room so she can write her vows.
  • Friends crying as they see the brides in their dresses for the first time
  • A "First Look" expression on both faces that reads, "We're here. We are FINALLY here."
  • Two people who have already loved each other through good + bad, for exactly who the other is, no matter what. 
  • The palpable feeling of family, support + connection with a room filled with people you've never met + you'll never see again

Carrie + Dani's day had all of these things and more.