Allison // A Boudoir Session

Allison has a wonderful spirit that is contagious when you're around her. I would know, because in high school, the two of us were inseparable. It's great to have a friend like her that you feel like you can pick right up where you left off, even if it's been years. Allison did this session for her husband as a gift for their One-Year wedding anniversary. We started out in my back yard on an unseasonably HOT April day & then went to a local B&B.  I've always loved Allison for her contagious laugh, easy-going attitude & her strength to always be true to herself no matter what.. It was so much fun & such an honor to do this session for her. Here are some of my personal favorites :)

Valentine's Day Gift // Boudoir

Mrs. D  gave her Valentine a custom magazine made up of these images taken during her boudoir session with me.  She said he looked at the magazine three times just this morning after she gave it to him before they left for work.  She is a wife and a mother (as of only 6 months ago, by the by!) and one of my most loyal clients.  I had so much fun watching her confidence soar from being unsure to so completely confident, she suggested I sneak a few images of her in the shower (sorry, those steamy shots are for Mr. D only!!)  I love watching women see themselves the way their husbands see them. I love when the session starts out as a gift for someone else and ends up being an even bigger gift to the subject herself.


D // Boudoir

I've been keeping this session a secret since September. SEPTEMBER, PEOPLE!!

I've been absolutely bursting at the seams ready to share this session for months now, and here it is.

She is a best friend, a single mom, a daughter and so much more.  She is honest, funny, and loves deeply.  She is one of the most beautiful people both inside and out. Have a look for yourself.


Liz // Boudoir Session

Hello & welcome to the first post of 2013! I've been very excited to post this session since before Christmas!! Liz is a recent bride of mine & I was thrilled when she told me she wanted to give her new hubby this session as a Christmas/Birthday gift (lucky guy!!)  Liz (like all women who start out their boudoir sessions) was a bit nervous to start. But once we got going, she quickly got the hang of things & absolutely rocked her session.  I thought she'd kill me when I suggested we go outside for a few shots, but much to my delight, Liz braved the 30 degree weather & I shot as quickly as I could. I think she made it worth her while. How gorgeous does she look in red???

Here are some of my favorite images from our session together.



Boudoir // Lindsey

Welcome to the first full boudoir post.  This session, like all the others, was a gift from Lindsey to her husband who is deployed.  What a great gift, right? Perfect for Anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays, and of course Valentine's Day. But that's not really why I love boudoir photography. It's what the session does for the client that drives me. I want to give women the opportunity to find a confidence in themselves they didn't know was there.  I want to give someone a reason to get their hair & makeup done & feel amazing; even if it's just for a few hours.  Most of all, I want them to look at the images and be able to see the things their partner loves about them for themselves.

Dani, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being so awesome yesterday! I had a really great time with you. Thanks for making me feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera! I cannot wait to see the images.  I am so appreciative of this! Just wanted to say thank you, as if I haven't said it enough in this email-Lindsey


pPlease use the contact section to get in touch with me about scheduling your boudoir session.  Give it as a gift to someone you love, and yourself as well.