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Want to know something? I love uneventful, average mornings. I love them in my own life, and I especially love them for family sessions. It leaves room for all the in-between moments to unfold without interruption or pressure.

I spent the morning with this sweet family a few weeks ago. They spent the morning doing what every family with little ones do. Do her ponytail. Play with Playdoh, plead for the toddler to put her shirt back on, feed the baby, change the baby, feed the baby. Explain to her that you can't play right now, because you're feeding the baby (she's not used to sharing mommy just yet). Let the dogs out, let them back in. Re-do her ponytail. Read a story. Get ready for school. Explain to a little girl who is at an age where she only understands time that is relative to RIGHT NOW that she doesn't start at her new school for two more weeks. Re-do her ponytail.

Yes, that's an average morning for many families who have little ones + a brand new baby. But it looks different for everyone because of how our unique relationships + interactions are with one another. 

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Hope Rocks for Jake & Ryan

One day, while procrastinating on Facebook, I saw that my sister shared a page. My sister isn't an over-sharer (God bless her!) so I knew that this had to be worth while. It was the "Hope Rocks for Jake & Ryan" page. I recognized these boys because they're friends with my nephews. After reading through the page & learning about why it existed in the first place, I realized I knew very little about my nephew's friends. Jake & Ryan are 10 & 6 and both have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; an aggressive & lethal form of MD of which (right now) there is no cure. After scrolling through their web-site & Facebook page, I found a post from their mother, Lauren, which compelled me to do something for this family: "When I dreamed of having children, I imagined with hope all of the benchmarks of happy lives for them: love, security, pursuing their dreams, finding a loving partner, enriching career, perhaps children of their own.

These dreams do not change when you learn your only two children have a devastating, incurable disease. There is a lot more to contend with, but these dreams do not change. I remember reading that the cost of this disease (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) bankrupted families. This scared me silly. My husband and I are educated, hard working people, but we cannot cover the expense of this disease by ourselves. In accepting this, I ask not for your pity, but your partnership.

I have also learned as a parent facing this disease in my children, that it will either destroy you or create you into something stronger. I hate fear. It sucks. My response to the growing costs of this disease is to create and host the first annual HOPE ROCKS FOR JAKE AND RYAN benefit. Each dollar raised will go toward a ramp, a lowered light switch, an accessible sink, a widened doorway.

I ask you to stand beside me in investing in the welfare of my kids. I ask you to come, have a great time at the benefit, to donate an item or service to the silent auction if you are able, and to join my heart in allowing basic comforts for Jake and Ryan as their disease becomes more complex. These things will free them to be allowed to dream, to live, perhaps as I always hoped they could."

I wanted to photograph the Fritz family because photographs are important. Memories are important. Family is important. I hope that you will all donate your time or funds to this incredible family. Enjoy this post of their family session I shot in their Pottsgrove home/backyard just a few weeks ago.

The first annual HOPE ROCKS for Jake and Ryan benefit will take place at the Norco (North Coventry) Fire Hall Banquet Room on Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 7 to 11 p.m. in Pottstown, PA.  Attendees will enjoy an entertaining evening including delicious BBQ by Moyer's Catering, upbeat live music by Andy and Company, dancing and a silent auction. More information about the event can be found at 


First Birthday Party :: Minnie & Me

I had so much fun at Gwyneth's First Birthday bash!! The entire party was planned & put together by  Sweetly Chic Events & Design.  My friend Ashley was so relieved to have them doing the party because it took all the stress away from her & allowed her to enjoy her daughter's first birthday party with all her guests. Speaking of... the guests were so impressed with the decor, desserts & fun activities they had put together for this party!  Everyone came in "oohing' and "ahhing" at all the creative flair that was put into this event. I came as a guest as well, but couldn't help but gush over the adorable pink details throughout the party. Heck, I may want this for MY next Birthday. Minnie & Me go way back, people. Make sure you go to Sweetly Chic's Facebook page & "Like" them to see more of their adorable events.

Logan James // 6 Months Old

You might remember my beautiful nephew from his newborn session, or his 3 month session. He continues to get more and more beautiful by the day and he continues to radiate sweetness every day.  He's sitting up now (of course, that development really held firm a week after our session together) and he even has two little bottom teeth that he uses to mash up biscuits and (sometimes) bite his mommy.  He is easily entertained and still has that loving spirit he's had since day one. Logan's 6 month session was done in California!! I was lucky enough to go along with my sister & brother-in-law and act as Logan's baby sitter. He was an angel baby on the plane (we got so many compliments after the flight!) and adjusted really well to the time difference. Perfect baby? Yes, he exists. His name is Logan James.

Logan James // 3 Months

It doesn't feel like it's been three months since I was posting my nephew Logan's newborn session.  It's so exciting to see all his growth and changes after only three months. He is much MUCH more active; always kicking and wiggling around now.  He's starting to reach for things & he is also responsive to smiles & cooing.  Logan is the little love of my family's life with a kind and gentile presence I've never felt in a baby boy.  He's the nicest baby I've ever met & I can only hope as he grows, so does his gentile nature.