Katie + Brian | Union Trust Wedding

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Katie and Brian over the course of a few years and what I have to say about them is that they are solid. They are everything you hope your kids find in a mate for each other. They are rich in love and in family and there are no greater blessings than that.

Here are some of my favorite images from our day together.

Lauren + Paul | Bella Vista Wedding | Gilbertsville Wedding Photographer

Lauren + Paul are the kind of couple a photographer misses after the wedding is over. I had the honor of documenting their wedding day last summer in all it's joyful moments. Lauren + Paul have surrounded themselves with the most loving, enthusiastic, hilarious family + friends. I would shoot a wedding like theirs every weekend if I could.

This post is image heavy, so I'll let the photos do the talking now. 

Courtney + Jason | An Intimate New Jersey Wedding

Courtney + Jason put a lot of emphasis on family, + spending quality time with their guests on their wedding day. Part of that was finding a photographer who didn't mind documenting the day + not posing the couple for a single photo. 

Hello dream wedding.

What I love about photography is the documentation of a life. Any life. So the more freedom a couple gives me to make it about them enjoying themselves instead of me making it about how my portrait portfolio looks, the happier + more fulfilling I feel in my work.

So, welcome to the wedding I have essentially been waiting 7 years to photograph. 

Elopement Photographer | Sandy + Tommy | Douglassville Wedding

Sandy + Tommy got ready in their bedroom, came downstairs to welcome the only two people who would be present to witness their ceremony (their photographer + their reverand).

I would have to guess that it's easy to brush off a small ceremony like this as something that does not need to be professionally photographed, but it makes me soar when a couple contacts me for an extremely private ceremony like this. 

These two got married in the home they've been sharing for over a decade. When they had their "first kiss" after the ceremony, I was the only one to throw my arms up + cheer for them. The emotion was palpable. Just as much, if not more so, than I have ever witnessed at a "traditional" full wedding that doesn't take place in the couple's home.

So why wouldn't someone document this day, no matter what it looks like? It is still important even it is small. Even if you baked the cake yourself. Even if you're going to get into sweats 45 minutes later and cook dinner. 

I can't thank Sandy + Tommy enough for inviting me into their home last week for the honor of being one of the very few to document this ceremony.

I hope if you or someone you know is having a small ceremony like this that you'll let them know that there's a photographer out there who wants to tell their story.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself in Search of Your Wedding Photographer

So you got engaged, you set a date, you've even selected a venue. Now everyone is telling you it's time to choose your photographer. For some of you, this decision may have been made already, but for most of you, it's an overwhelming process. How do you know who is going to be right for you? How do you narrow the selection down and decide who to reach out to for more information? Here are 5 questions to get you started. 

1. Be honest with yourself. How important is photography to you on your list of priorities for your wedding day?

        I could write an entire blog post (or provide links to photographers who already have) about the importance of having your wedding day well documented. However, I understand that not all couples hold photography at the top of their priority list on their wedding day. If that’s the case, pick whoever you want. If it’s not important to you, then the rest of these suggestions will not mean squat to you. If, however, you are one of those couples who is putting a lot of emphasis on how your wedding day images are going to make you feel in a year, five years, and 50 years down the line from now, then keep reading.

2. How do you envision yourselves being photographed?

        Social media puts all styles of photography at the tips of our figures more than ever before. I’m sure you’ve scrolled through your page and seen a friend’s photos and  thought, “Oh wow I’d love to have a photo like that!” or “Yikes. No thank you.” Pay attention to what photographs draw you in and why. Are they posed using cute props and multiple outfit changes? Or are they relaxed with a more natural feel to them?

3. So, based on the answer to question #2, what style of photography best suits your needs?

In your search for a wedding photographer, you’ll see a lot of different types of photographers. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Traditional Photographer- This photographer will spend most of their time with you taking staged photos and most likely will allow you to give him/her a “shot list” of creative photos you’d like to take (think Pinterest boards)
  • Traditional/Documentary/Photojournalistic Photographer-This photographer will do some staged photos throughout the day and during portrait time, but will also adopt a hands-off approach for the majority of the day to capture events naturally as they unfold. 
  • Photojournalistic Photographer-  Photojournalistic Photographers are 100% hands-off. They document everything that is happening without any manipulation of what is happening at all. This is the brand of photography I identify myself with, unless my couples ask for portrait time in which case I do have to do a little bit of arranging, but nothing I would call even close to “posing”.

4. Where does photography fit into your budget?

This is likely a question you’ve already asked yourselves because it’s a big part of the decision making process when it comes to picking any vendor that will be a part of your wedding day. Lucky for you, dearly engaged, there are many options that range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Us photographers know how many of you are on a budget. It’s much less common for parents to foot the bill for their kids’ weddings these days, so it falls on many young adults to come up with the funds themselves. It can be tempting to go for the lowest price out there, but you have to ask yourself one more question before you commit to that idea...

5. Who’s work do you absolutely love?

        If you hire a photographer based soley on price, and you don’t have any (or very little) emotional connection to their work at all, you will 100% regret it. You need to feel EXCITED about the person you’re working with and the work they will produce with you. Many photographers (myself included) are more than willing to break payments up into more digestible increments to make it easier to have the photography package you want. So, email your beloved photographer and ask what the payment options are. I think you’ll be surprised (and relieved) by the response.

Once you sit down and spend a little time with your fiancè to begin coming up with some answers to these core questions, the process will feel much less overwhelming.

Newlyweds, are you reading this? What questions did you ask yourself (or wish you asked yourself) that landed you the right photographer? 

Cape May Wedding Photographer | Molly + Will | Hotel Alcott

This is a Fall wedding, which felt like a Summer day, posted here on the blog in the middle of Winter. I love living in a part of the world where there are seasons

Molly + Will got married on the porch of Phil's family's hotel, The Stockton Inn in Cape May just steps from where they met working over a summer years ago. Here are my favorite moments from that day.

Power Plant Productions Wedding | Liz + Adam | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

"I don't think we want more than maybe 5-10 minutes of photos together. We really want to be at our cocktail hour + just to enjoy our family + friends." 

When Liz told me this, it was music to my ears. I fell in love with photography when I saw the power of preserving a moment in someone's life; preserving a piece of someone for someone else. Not when I read "Marta Stewart Weddings", or by scouring trendy blogs with gorgeous bridal gowns + place settings. Of course these things have their place at a wedding to make it feel warm, welcoming, + true to the style of the couple. But that will never, ever be my focus when I come to document someone's  wedding day.  It is why I was rejected from being featured by countless blogs in the past; not enough "detail" shots. 

What always drawing me in to capture an image is all the interactions + connections unfolding throughout the day. Things people are doing almost subconsciously that would otherwise go unnoticed and be gone forever.

So, when a couple like Liz + Adam come along + aren't shy about letting me know that they want to focus on their guest + not a long photo session, my heart sings a little happy song. We snuck away for just a few minutes to the basement of their venue at Power Plant Productions  where they got to spend a few quiet moments together before cocktail hour began. Enjoy my personal favorites from that evening in December. 

Union League Wedding | Kate + Brian | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

If I had one word to describe how Kate + Brian love, it would be "service". In their lives, they have both lead a life of service for their country, for their community, for their families, and for each other. Love is not about waiting around in hopes for people to tell you how wonderful you are, it is about giving of yourself to others and the rest takes care of itself. 

Cheers to Kate + Brian. Here are my personal favorites from their wedding day at Union League in Philadelphia. 


Phoenixville Foundry Wedding | Caroline + Phil | Phoenixville Wedding Photographer

Phil & Caroline's wedding day at the Phoenixville Foundry was everything weather-wise, fall foliage-wise, family-wise, food-wise,music-wise, bridal party-wise, ect. that any couple would wish for their wedding to be.

Beyond all those factors, it was a day full of things that will last them longer than the 10 hours their wedding day went on; things that play into what makes a marriage and work. Flexibility when things don't go exactly as planned, loved ones surrounding you , recounting of hilarious stories, helping hands, laughing, laughing, and more laughing, singing,kisses, and so many hugs.

Here are my personal favorite moments stolen from that day in late October.