Client Story // Megan // New state, new house, new baby and what happened when she decided to have a session during this chaotic time.

I'll be the first to admit it. I know that scheduling a Lifestyle Documentary Session can trigger some concerns & maybe even some stress. That's why I take the time to talk to my clients before the session to make sure there's an opportunity to air out concerns & come up with a rough plan of how the session will go. I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Megan's family who just moved here to PA from Utah. Baby Clark was just 5 days old when I came to do the session, and Megan had a few things she was concerned about before the session started. Read on to see what Megan's concerns were & how they panned out during their session.

Concerns Before the Session.

  • "We just moved here from Utah." Things weren’t set up. Furniture hadn’t been bought for many of the rooms in the house. I explained to Megan that this would be a really interesting marker to document because the house will only change drastically as they live there. It's great to document things in the condition they're in now, especially when you know it's only temporary. 

  • "Is it okay if I have to feed the baby? Is that factored into the time?" I assured her that not only is it factored in, it's encouraged! Feedings are a BIG and important part of life & bonding during these first few days, so I like to document that as long as everyone is comfortable with it. 

  • "I have two other boys, 5 & 3. The three year old is not used to not being the baby yet, so he's not too happy these days." There will be times where he is laughing and having fun, and I'll capture that. There will also be times where he's melting down, and I'll get that too. The kids do not have to behave for me. They can be silly & break down & be themselves and it's not going to throw me off at all. 

So, how'd it go?

"I love how it was very real. I did feel very comfortable because you were so good with the kids and because of our communication prior, I knew if my kids were misbehaving or just being silly that wouldn’t matter, that would just make the pictures more memorable, so I felt much more relaxed during the shoot. I had written down a plan and it went totally not that way, but I was okay with it! I also didn’t realize you got so many good ones of Clark’s fuzzy arms & legs that I love.

 It was such a good thing for our family cause it was in the middle of the chaos of the baby arriving we had to go back to, “What do our boys like doing?” We had to think more about them than we probably would’ve. We can still continue with the things that we love to do and make everyone of us a priority, even though the baby is here now.  It was kind of like a reset. We can still continue with the things that we love to do and make everyone of us a priority, even though the baby is here now."