Elopement Photographer | Sandy + Tommy | Douglassville Wedding

Sandy + Tommy got ready in their bedroom, came downstairs to welcome the only two people who would be present to witness their ceremony (their photographer + their reverand).

I would have to guess that it's easy to brush off a small ceremony like this as something that does not need to be professionally photographed, but it makes me soar when a couple contacts me for an extremely private ceremony like this. 

These two got married in the home they've been sharing for over a decade. When they had their "first kiss" after the ceremony, I was the only one to throw my arms up + cheer for them. The emotion was palpable. Just as much, if not more so, than I have ever witnessed at a "traditional" full wedding that doesn't take place in the couple's home.

So why wouldn't someone document this day, no matter what it looks like? It is still important even it is small. Even if you baked the cake yourself. Even if you're going to get into sweats 45 minutes later and cook dinner. 

I can't thank Sandy + Tommy enough for inviting me into their home last week for the honor of being one of the very few to document this ceremony.

I hope if you or someone you know is having a small ceremony like this that you'll let them know that there's a photographer out there who wants to tell their story.