Emily & Adam // Engagement in West Chester, PA

To start off their engagement session, Emily & Adam decided to meet up at a favorite restaurant of theirs in West Chester, Teca.  Teca has gorgeous blown glass light fixtures and a really neat upstairs night club.  I was so excited after scoping the place out. As I walked around West Chester looking for good light & just generally enjoying myself, I saw a beautiful 1960's Candy-Apple Red Chevy Impala.  I looked up, down and all around to see if, by chance, I could find the owner to use the car for part of the engagement session.  I thought Please, what are the odds the owner is anywhere in site?  Even if they were, they're not going to let me anywhere NEAR this car.

It was almost time to meet the couple at Teca, so I made my way back.  A gentleman sitting with a friend outside Starbucks said, "Are you enjoying your time here?", noticing my camera in hand. I said "Yes! It's beautiful! Hey, you don't happen to own the gorrrrgeeouusss Impala up the street." I said, laughing.  "Yeah, actually I do."  The man (who introduced himself as Quinton) handed over the keys to this stunning vehicle. I couldn't believe his generosity and willingness to hand over the keys to a total & complete stranger.  His friend said, "This is a prime example of 'all you have to do is ask!"  So, thanks to Quinton & his generous spirit, we used the car for a few intimate shots.  It was a bit warm in there, but Emily & Adam sucked it up for the greater good. Temporary discomfort now, permanent extraordinary image to cherish forever.