Emily Grace // 7 Days New

Obviously, this really all began about forever ago. Mary Kate has been in my life since I entered St. Aloysius in third grade. Although we ran in different circles for most of our academic career (her always aiming high at being the very best she could be in school and me....I don't really know what I did in grade-school aside from choreograph a LOT of dances for yearly recitals. I wasn't even a dancer.) our lives seem to have intersected in the last year since our friend Amanda was married last year. It was Mary who contacted me about arranging to capture the moment she told her BEST FRIEND of 20 years that she was pregnant. See the five frames below :)

Mary has been a source of support & encouragement and I couldn't have been more grateful or more surprised that our lives have intersected this way. When her best friend Amanda & her mother chipped in to give her a Newborn Session as a baby shower gift, I was so excited that I could finally capture an event in Mary's own life since I had been hoping for a reason to work with her after all the kind words she has given me.

So last week, after much anticipation, I went to her home to meet Emily Grace who is a precious little beauty. She was the perfect newborn for her shoot. No fussing, no crying. Heck, she didn't even make a mess while her diaper was off!! So here's to Mary, Andrew & Emily. I have always known Mary to be the best at everything she does; I know motherhood won't be any different.