Engaged: Tara & Nate

Take a look at Tara & Nate's Reading area engagement shoot. They took me to a beautiful area where the two of them often hike.  We then took a short drive to the Reading Museum.  There, we saw a bizarre man holding a cardboard box with "I <3 My Pet" printed on the side. He was making the strangest sound & as he passed us on the bridge, he said "...she doesn't get out much." It was really fantastic. I had fun shooting with these soon-to-be-newlyweds & hopefully didn't scare them off with all my corny questions & ice-breaker games. I do those things partially to get people comfortable & to invoke natural reactions & exchanges. My other motivation is to get to know the couple through these little "exercises." I love hearing everyone's story & how they connect with one another. It's all part of what there is to capture. And there is so much to capture. See more here.