transitions / A Virginia Family Session

When I arrived at their home in Virginia, they were exhausted. Baby Lucas has been eating nonstop and when he’s not eating or sleeping, he is crying. Joe stands up + stretches, “I have to go drop his blanket off at school for nap time. I told him I would, and he’ll remember and be upset if I don’t.” Amanda + Joe exchange a look of “I love that sweet boy”. This propels us into a conversation about Caleb + his transition of being an only child to a big brother. Caleb is completely in love with Lucas. He sings to him, soothes him, and is gentle with him. But he’s still just 4 years old + not used to sharing his parent’s attention + time. Pouty faces + comments from him like, “You were snuggling Lucas, but I want you to snuggle me.” “You don’t spend time with me anymore!”  leave Amanda (and Joe, I see you!) in tears. This transition is hard. Their family-of-three dynamic has shifted + everyone is holding on tightly to each other until the turbulence ceases. They have a million reasons to keep someone from coming in their house + documenting all of this.

But what they want to be reminded of is the immense love that exists in this house. And that’s where I come in. Because this is what matters…

The games they play with Caleb that they’ve made up themselves with hilarious anecdotes to follow. The care in Caleb’s voice as he sings Lucas the lullaby he learned from his mother tickling his back and singing to him each night before bed (twice). How everything from opening straws at a restaurant, to putting on baby powder during bed time is a fun adventure. The way this family comes together + does the right thing for the other in every moment of every day.