Favorite Moments of 2014

It feels like just yesterday I blogged a 2013 recap. Wait, I never blogged a 2013 recap. Scratch that.

I enjoyed going through all these images and selecting the ones that spoke to me most. They're not all technically correct & many probably aren't photos these newlyweds have selected to frame in their homes, but they all make me feel something. And that's what this is all about. This, and the hokey pokey.

A HUGE thank you to Anna Fischman & Brittany Raine Photography for being my second set of eyes this year. You both knocked my socks off.Thank you to all of my 2014 couples for letting me in to be part of such an important day. I don't take it lightly & I love you all for this honor. 

So here they are; in no particular order what-so-ever; some of my favorite moments of 2014's wedding season. Enjoy!