Is it a coincidence that the first blog post on my new blog would be about a foggy morning? No, it's not.  I would call it luck that the elements were able to mimic the state of mind I hoped to talk about once I released my new blog & web-site. It is the nature of an artist to change & rejuvenate him/herself in new ideas & methods.  It's part of what makes being an artist so invigorating and, admittedly, frustrating.  The constant flow of creativity and trying to bring your vision into fruition is a challenge, but most artist really enjoy the journey. I met with a friend of mine who is a well respected photographer a few years ago for lunch.  At the time, I was feeling frustrated by my inability to settle down & be satisfied with my work.  He said, "If you're ever completely satisfied with your work as an artist, it's time to stop."

During the slow months (November-April), photographers have a lot of time to review the work they did in the past year & figure out what they'd like to see from themselves for the upcoming wedding season. I took a lot of time this past winter to do that & to really explore what I wanted to offer the world of photography. After all the hard work of figuring out those foggy ideas (get it?!)  I think I have finally come to a place where I'm ready to tackle this Wedding season head-on with creative confidence.  The fog has lifted.