Documentary Lifestyle Session : What it is, what it isn't & how it fits into EVERYONE'S life (yes, I'm talking to YOU!)

What does “documentary” mean? Aren’t these photos we could be taking ourselves if it’s just of our everyday life? Does it have to be in my home? How am I ever going to act natural knowing I’m getting my photo taken?

What a Documentary Lifestyle Session is not:

It is not an occasion where you need to gussy up your family in matching outfits and PRAY the kids don’t sneeze/wipe their hands/breathe on them. It is not a session where your children need to sit still and behave for the camera. It is not an occasion for you to get someone to deep clean your home. It is not something you should put off until you lose “the baby weight”. 


So, okay. Then what is it?

It’s a morning in your kitchen while your kids ask 10 times if breakfast is ready. It’s an afternoon blowing bubbles in the backyard and the silly songs in the car on the way to get ice cream.


It’s the look on your face as you close your eyes and breath in that newborn smell before it fades away. The gentle way you pass the baby to each other while one trades off to burp after a feeding. It’s the big tantrums. It’s the soft twirl of your finger as you play with the hair on the back of your 1-year-old’s neck as she wakes up from her nap, still shy and sleepy-eyed. 

And yes, we take one, group shot with everyone looking at the camera. But trust me, that one won't be the one you want framed on your wall. 

But why would I want this session? If these are everyday moments, can't I just get those photos on my phone myself?

Right now, this session is for you. It’s to see the look in your children’s faces when they’re interacting with you. To see the gentle way your oldest handles the baby of the family. I know you have a phone filled with images of your children nestled on the couch, but how many of those tender moments are you documented in?

In the long run, it’s for them. Think of some of your family photos. The conjure up  memories of that one sweater mom used to wear all.the.time. The sound of someone coming down the stairs into your childhood living room.  Wishing you could go back to that part of your life; where you could fit in your mom’s lap and press your ear to her chest to hear the sound of her voice in her chest as she talks.

What they don’t conjure up?  Judgements about the clutter on the coffee table. The fullness in her face. Your dad's five-o-clock shadow. That pimple on her chin. The mismatched, dirty socks your brother is wearing

The Breakdown. I will help you come up with an idea for a session & give you some tips on clearing out the major clutter so you can feel comfortable and confident in the home you've built with your family. I will come to your home & photograph you in your element. I will play with your kids, listen to your family inside jokes & document your subtle interactions with each other.

What you’ll get back will be a curation of your most intimate connections with your family for you to treasure now, and your children to hold dear later. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your 6-year-old's adult front teeth to come in? Your newborn to loose that ear and back fuzz? The time is always right for this session, so CLICK HERE to contact me today to get started on the Lifestyle Session that is right for your family.