Glenolden Family Photographer | A morning with the M Family | Almond Photography

I threw my camera bag over my shoulder and fished for my keys in my coat pocket; another successful and fun family session in the books. “Thanks so much again for inviting me back, Jen. It’s so much fun for me to see all the things that are different-” “And how much is the same!”, Jen quickly added.

Her interjection caught me off guard in the best way. One of those moments when you can feel your mind opening up to a new perspective on something you’ve done/thought about hundreds of times.

I’ve had the privilege of working with this family since Jen & Steve were engaged a few years ago. Since then, I photographed their wedding, maternity photos, newborn photos, and now their first son, Logan, at one year of age. I’m always so careful to document the moments that I know are fleeting, and the traditions that will inevitably die out  when I come back into a family’s life for an annual shoot, but she brought up a valid point; so much stays the same.

How many times have you heard stories about a sibling, your parents, or your grandparents, (or maybe even stories and photos about yourself)  and with a knowing laugh, proclaimed the old adage, “Some things never change!”

Photographs are an excellent means preserving the everyday moments that will shift slightly over a short period of time. They also serve as a living testament to all the constants that have remained throughout the ever changing seasons in our lives.

What a beautiful paradox. Thanks, Jen❤️.