Home for Christmas

I am so thankful I have the flexibility at Bella Baby to be able to come home for the holidays.  It is so important to me to be able to participate in all of our family traditions during the Christmas season and I think I would cry big fat tears if I had to stay in Maryland to work.  Every year, I start out at my grandmother's house in the morning to exchange gifts with my parents & Nana.  Then we go to my sister's in our PJ's (which we all agree is cozy until about 4pm. Then we start feeling a little trashy for being in our PJ's for that long.)  My sister & brother-in-law cook a big delicious breakfast & then it's present time (which the boys are excited about from the moment we walk in the door).  It's so much fun to watch the boys open up presents that I've been excited to give them.  This year I bought Jack a cape. I bought it months and months ago and was HOPING he'd react well to it. Sure enough, he put it right on & checked himself out in the mirror. So. Flipping. Cute. Even cuter when he was pouting about a lost Rock-Paper-Scissors bout (see the image of Jack peeking through the cracked door).  It was a fantastic Christmas that went by way too fast. However, I took some pictures this year, and they say that lasts a bit longer.  

All photos taken with Canon EOS-3 Kodak 400 film. No edits.