Home is so much sweeter when you're a visitor.

When I moved to Maryland, I was astounded by how difficult it is to find a good cheese steak. And by "difficult" I mean, "I have yet to find one." I didn't even give it a thought when I moved down there that I wouldn't be able to find a decent pizza shop. It's not that far away. Turns out, Maryland can't do pizza shops in general. I asked for mozzarella cheese on top of my ravioli at a relatively popular pizza place & they told me, "We don't have mozzarella cheese." This made me question how they go about making that "great pizza". When I'm home, I try to make a point to consume some kind of delicious pizza shop food. Today, my cousin Kari and I ventured down to South Street & got ourselves a delicious cheese steak & Dr. Pepper at Jim's Steaks. Kari got the steak with the classic wiz, but I went with a great standby, American Cheese. The guy who hastily & artfully crafted our sandwiches said he was going to give me extra meat because I'm built like a Tim Burton character. Except he left out the Tim Burton part & told me I was "fun thin". I'd rather not be in the know about what he meant by that.


Now it's time to celebrate my beautiful grandmother's 75th Birthday which is the reason I came home in the first place. Oh, and also Zern's Amateur Wrestling Night. I'm not ashamed.