Jen + Preston // Engagement in Jim Thorpe

Jen is a friend of mine from a long, long time ago.  A time when we shared a mini-fridge together in our college dorm room & made sure to watch Family Fued as many times a day as we could.  Preston is the prefect fit for Jen, and as always, I'm so excited and honored to be photographing their wedding in May of 2013. Preston comes from a family of Firefighters.  So naturally, we started off at his station.  From there, we went to Jim Thorpe. I had never been, but I had heard from many how gorgeous the town was.  The people were so friendly including one older gentleman who insisted the couple go up to his balcony for a shot & THEN insisted I use his stain glass doors as well!  We thought he was coming out to yell at us (Get offf myyy stoooop!) and he just wanted to be part of the photo!

Jen and Preston were perfect subjects; they were comfortable with each other and showing me that intimate side of their relationship.  This always, always makes for great pictures. Check 'em out.