Jenny + Tim / A New York City Wedding / Almond Photography

There are so many anecdotes I could tell in effort to encapsulate the emotions + love that I witnessed on Jenny + Tim's wedding day.

I could tell you about when Jenny's father stood behind the curtain just before he saw his daughter in her dress for the first time. Her mother said, "You ready?" He said, "Yes!" and then upon seeing her, recanting with, "No, I'm not."

I could tell you about how the entire crowd erupted when Tim stepped out just before the ceremony; like the opening act had finally hit the stage.

I could tell you about Tim's top hat, which his mother bought for him on his First Birthday with the intention for him to wear it on his wedding day, and he did, in spite of his bride's raucous laughter when he put it on for her. 

I could tell you how the rain "spoiled' their plans for photos in Central Park, + how it drove us to take their portraits in their tiny NYC apartment which made our hearts sing. 

Instead, I'll just show you my very favorite images from the day. It was hard to narrow this one down for a blog post. So please relax and enjoy the highlights of this incredibly special wedding. Thanks so much to Brittney Raine Photography for your hard work with me that day + always.