Jim + Katie // Engaged at Blue Marsh Lake

I began to know Jim (or Jimmy, as he was called then) in high school. He was the guy no one had a bad word about, was always nice to everyone and always had a friendly smile as he walked the halls. Then, when we found ourselves on the same Kairos X trip together (a high school retreat weekend every insecure high school student should have the opportunity to be a part of. Seriously.) I got to know him even better & was so encouraged to know someone could be so genuine and kind-hearted. So, when I met up with him and his fiancé in Spring to discuss their July wedding, I was excited to find that Jimmy had found someone who matches his bright, warm & friendly personality perfectly. Katie is adorable & breath of fresh air & is so easy to be around; I can't wait for their wedding day. The night we did this session was not ideal. It rained for a half hour, the skies were threatening to never stop & I won't even go into how my GPS failed me that night meeting them at Blue Marsh Lake. It didn't seem to phase them at all. They remained calm & just had FUN with each other. Their wedding day is just under 2 weeks away & I know they're going to have a perfect day filled with love & laughs. Thank you, Jimmy & Kate, for making the most of a crazy night with me.