Kait & Chris: Married on the water

The sense of anticipation and excitement in the room is always palpable. The bride is moving quickly; making sure everything is going according to plan (or trying to get things back on track again, if things are out of whack!)  She's texting the groom to make sure he's getting ready, gathering her jewelry, having a drink to settle her nerves.  Kait had this sense of anticipation in her room as well while getting ready for her big day just like other brides. What can take this cocktail of nerves and anticipation to the next level? A 9-month-old.  Kait and Chris's daughter, Savanna, stayed in Kait's room as she and her bridesmaids got ready.  She played on the floor and crawled around as everyone filed in and out. Kait's attentiveness and patience with her little girl was something that stood out to me that day.  A wedding is all about the bride; everyone knows that. Kait didn't pass off the baby off to her bridesmaids when she needed to eat, or needed a diaper change, or even at the end of the night when she was tired needed to be put down (which is what I thought she would do). It's obvious that Kaitlin loves being Savanna's mommy & she had no reason to take a break from that. Even on the one day where she had every excuse to take a break from her responsibilities as a mom, Kait reveled in Savannah's joy.  She dressed Savannah before herself and as she sat on the floor with her baby girl she sang, "Littlest, bestest, friend!! Littlest, bestest, friend!" Kait & Chris's wedding on The Spirit of Philadelphia in late August was scheduled the weekend of Hurricane Irene.  Since the wedding was literally ON the water, there was some cause for concern!  However, Chris & Kait were rewarded with great weather. It only rained for a few minutes before the ceremony and then was clear for the remainder of the night.  Kait & Chris deserved a wonderful day & that's just what they had. For a slide show with even more images of this wonderful day, click here.