Littliest Bud // Logan James

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I've been looking forward to shooting my new nephew's newborn session since the moment I found out my sister was pregnant again. I couldn't wait to share my love of photography in a new way with my family & do one of the most important sessions of his little life. I was also looking forward to getting some shots of my older nephews as well since I haven't actually "photographed" in quite some time.  These two were my first "subjects" for a long, long time. Once I got busier with my business, it became easy to get lazy and leave my camera at home for their birthdays, or sunny picnics outside.  Needless to say, updated pics of these two were long overdue. Fortunately, they spent a LOT of time as (very) little ones looking at their Aunt Danielle with a camera in front of her face, so they're not terribly difficult to photograph.  I know Logan will follow suit. Especially the way his eldest brother Jason jokes, "It's Aunt Danielle! The one with the black thing in front of her face all the time!!"