Lizzie & George // Married in Less than 60 Days

George & Liz planned their entire wedding in less than 60 days from when they got engaged. Wow. Anyone who is planning or has ever planned a wedding knows what an impressive feat that is. Even though their day was planned in a hurry, it didn't matter.  George & Liz were ready to make a lifelong commitment to one another & everything fell into place.  They got married at Mensch Mill where they met years ago & were both counselors (adorable, yes.)  Their closest friends and family gathered on the most perfect fall day to celebrate this union. I was honored to be there. The reason George & Liz had to put together this day so quickly was due to George's impending relocation from Virginia, to California (hooray Military!!).  They had no time to spare to get the show on the road and they really pulled off a successful, gorgeous wedding.

My heart always swells a bit when I work with couples in the military.  The selflessness and sacrifice these couples commit their lives to is impressive & I feel eternally grateful to have people like them fighting for us.  Military life certainly isn't for everyone, and I believe you have to be made up of something special to endure such a trying relationship.  I wanted to share Liz & George's vows because they brought me to tears.  The vows so accurately described what it is to be married in the military.

From this day forward, I promise that no matter how far apart we are, you shall always be in my heart. Not a day will go by that I will not support you, defend you, be patient with you, and believe in you. I love you.