Megan + Joe // Let's Start at the very Beginning, a very good place to start.

Megan & Joe are that couple you always hope for when you start an engagement session.  That doesn't mean they weren't nervous; they were very nervous.  What makes them effortless to photograph, believe it or not, is the simple fact that they love each other openly and endlessly. So, in this FIRST shot below, when I said "Just put your foreheads together & relax while I set my lighting," this is how they gazed at each other. There is nothing I can do or say to create this myself, it's just there for me to capture.  When they danced in the woods at Ridley Creek Park & quietly sang their "First Dance" song for their wedding to one another, I could've cried. This is what love looks like. This is why I do engagement sessions.  Creating that bond with my clients is so important at the beginning of our relationship. It allows us to see how we work off of each other, and for the couple to become comfortable with me & how I photograph.  Now that we have this rapport, I couldn't be more excited to photograph their wedding this October. In addition to blowing me away with their chemistry on-camera, Joe & Megan also introduced me to "Show tunes Friday" when we joked about tumbling down the field singing songs from "The Sound of Music".  Show tunes Friday consists of  a "Show tunes" genre Pandora station. I immediately went home & created a station on my own. I'm going to have a hard time reserving this guilty pleasure for Friday's only.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from our session together. I encourage you to leave these two sweethearts a comment congratulation them on finding each other & the start of an awesome adventure together.