Melissa + John // Engaged (and towed) in Old City Philadelphia

Everything was going great. It wasn't too hot out & the sun had peaked over the city skyline just in time for us to get over to Race Street Pier. It was at the crosswalk on Race St. that Melissa turned to me and said "Jon just told me he thinks we're parked in a tow-away zone!!" After spending some time in Old City, we had arrangements at Citizens Bank Park to take some photos there. Around 8:15am, we headed back to our cars. I spent the walk back hearing about the show "Parking Wars" and how Melissa had just watched an entire marathon of the show, so she was completely aware of what the consequences may be if they got towed. I hadn't seen where they parked, but I assured her that since she paid to park there, that it'd be fine. I get a parking ticket 9 out of 10 times I'm in the city, so I am not sure why I was so sure of myself, but I truly believed that! Melissa and Jon parked a few blocks up from me. I got in my car & quickly pulled out a snack bar to hold myself over for the last half of the shoot. My phone rings, it's Melissa. "We got towed!" I was schocked.

I picked them up & we drove around the city to get their car back. What an adventure. If you haven't had your car towed before, do everything you can do avoid it. It is QUITE a racket!! We still managed to have a little fun through it all, and of course, I took some photos of the process :)

After Melissa & Jon reclaimed their car from the City of Philadelphia, we headed over to Citizens Bank Park. At some point during the day, Melissa said "You always tell a little story on your blog, I guess you'll have something to talk about for sure this time!"

Thanks for making the best out of a crummy situation you two!! The photos were worth it :)