Melissa + Jon // At Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding

Jon had his iTunes on as he put his tux on that chilly Friday morning.  As a 90's alternative playlist made it's way through the room, Jon said, "I guarantee you won't be hearing this kind of music when you go into Melissa's room!" As he buttoned his dress shirt, he stopped suddenly; "An undershirt. She's gonna be mad if I don't have an undershirt on!" and he laughed at his forgetfulness. Jon was calm and collected as she dressed for his wedding day.  Much more calm then the day he finally worked up the courage to talk to Melissa after admiring her in a college class for some time. He was so nervous to talk to her, he gave her the wrong phone number on accident (Jon would later clarify in his vows that it was his FATHER'S phone number, so he wasn't completely off his game.) Melissa's room had an equally calm vibe. Her bridesmaids tied their bows on their dressed until they were just right & admired their gorgeous bouquets.  Melissa carefully put on her jewelry and checked her makeup in the mirror before getting into her gown as her Grandmother watched from a comfy couch in the hotel room. She was as cool as a cucumber.  It wasn't until just before their First Look that Jon & Melissa began to show signs of nerves. Once he saw her, it was all over! Tears streamed down Melissa's face when she saw him, and he gently wiped them away, kissing her cheek and telling her she is beautiful as he did so  They kept each other warm with laughter and kisses on the mountain during photos, and they welled up as they listened to eachother's vows during their ceremony.  They danced the night away with their loved ones, and kissed under the stars on a blanket of snow at one of their favorite places to be; a ski lodge.  Melissa & Jon weren't nervous on their wedding day because they knew they were going to have the best day of their lives. And they were right; it was.