Mike + Lyndsay // A Proposal Story

"I've known since our first date. This will be the easiest thing I'll ever ask anyone in my life." Those were words Mike said to me over & over again as we talked about his elaborate plan to propose to Lyndsay at her work on his birthday. He orchestrated the perfect proposal and I was so incredibly honored when he asked me to be there to photograph the entire thing.

Let's all first give a round of applause for Mike on this one. There is nothing the man did not cover for this proposal ; he thought of everything! He took her to get her nails done (under the rouse that HE thought his nails were gross, but didn't want to go alone), he told her to dress up for work that day because he wanted to take her somewhere special to ensure she would look cute for photos. Most importantly,  he coordinated with the staff the Principal of the school to call Lyndsay into a meeting at exactly 2:30pm. At that time, another teacher snuck myself, Mike and his entire family  into the school with balloons, signs and cupcakes and hid in Lyndsay's classroom.

Mike waited at the end of the hall by her classroom door. He left a note in her mailbox that she was supposed to see before she got out of the meeting, but she never saw it! So, Lyndsay came walking down the hallway with her Principal after the meeting and barely looked up at Mike at all. She was thinking "He said he would be early to pick me up, but this is REALLY early!" In effort to remain professional, Lyndsay gave Mike a quick "Hey!" and started to head into her classroom. Mike grabbed her arm and Lyndsay looked at him and said " I have a CLASSROOM full of kids!!!??" Mike assured her that they could wait & told her that he had to talk to her. How she was still in the dark about what was going on, I will never understand. Mike warned me that Lyndsay was a really easy to surprise because she doesn't catch on to things like this easily when she's focused on other things (like getting back to her classroom full of kids, for example. ) Mike got down on one knee and Lyndsay dropped her binder. She finally got what was happening. "This is the most gorgeous thing. This is the most beautiful thing." She kept saying over and over as she burried her happy face streaming with tears of joy into Mike's chest.

When Lyndsay got back into her classroom, she was surprised a second time by all of her family & friends. We spent the rest of the school day eating cupcakes, playing "Silent Ball" (which, by the way, just looked like a quiet game of catch to me. I think Suzy & Ryan's idea of "Heads up 7 up" would have been way better.) and watching as Lyndsay & Mike hugged many family members & faculty members. Students all hugged their newly-engaged teacher on the way out of the classroom & some of the girls were interested to see the ring.

After the students were dismissed for the day, we went outside for  just a few shots of Lyndsay & Mike in their newly engaged bliss. This was easily one of the most joyous days I've ever had the pleasure of being part of and I am so excited to share it now. Congratulations, you two!!