"My Goal In Life Is To Be As Good Of A Person My Dog Already Thinks I am."-Author Unknown

A few shots of Utley playing fetch by the water today.  I don't care how crazy it makes me sound, this guy is a good friend of mine.  He's always so happy to see me, he seems to know when I don't feel well or when I need extra comfort & he's so helpful; he's always willing to pick up the little scraps of food that fall on the floor while I'm cooking! So thoughtful.  This guy has been shuffled around a lot in his short little life & that makes me feel sad for him. I wonder sometimes how much memory he has of his past owners & if he's capable of missing them, or if he wonders if he'll ever go back to them. Does he want to?? I'm probably just anthropomorphizing the situation, still I can't help but wonder sometimes. I'll never know what he thinks, but I know I'm glad he ended up with me.