In Home Newborn Sessions: An FAQ

"What does a Lifestyle newborn session look like? What does that mean?", you might be asking yourself. There are a lot of reasons folks are hesitant to schedule a Lifestyle Newborn Session, but the truth of the matter is, you will not regret doing this for yourself and for your family. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help clear up any misconceptions you may have about this approach. 

How does it work?

It’s so simple. When baby arrives + everyone is sent home with a clean bill of health, you email or text me to set up a date + time for our session. The session is done within 10 days of being home with baby.

What time will the session be scheduled?

These sessions are done during weekday mornings. I can come as early as you like, or I can wait till late morning if that works better for your “sleep” schedule.

How long do you spend time photographing us?

90 Minutes. It goes by very quickly with changes, feedings, snuggle time, changing again, feeding again ect. ect!

Must they be done in my home? I just had newborn and things are kind of messy.

I realize this is an intimate time in your life. I realize things probably don’t look as perfect as you’d like them to. Good!

When you look at old photo albums or watch your family movies on VHS, are you bothered by your messy bedroom, or by the visible laundry basket piled high with dirty clothes? These bits and pieces of living do not take away from this precious time. It  is part of your story. I’m not coming to photograph your house for “Apartment Therapy” or “Martha Stuart: Living”, I’m coming to document this time in your life for you + the legacy you are building. So stay in your yoga pants and button down shirt. Leave the baby in that white onesie. Let the dog + cat out of the laundry room. I want to see it all + so you can have it to remember.

Are these images I can hang on my wall, or put in an album?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to candid interactions, I’ll be photographing one posed photo of the entire family, but I promise that image won’t be your favorite that you choose to hang on the wall. I also offer small matted albums at a discount once your gallery is delivered.

I don't have a newborn or a baby on the way, but I would love my family to be photographed this way, is that an option? 

Absolutely! I love photographing families in all stages, sizes + makeups. Every stage in your life is worth documenting.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

A Lifestyle Newborn Session makes an excellent shower gift. This can be split between a few friends as well. Email me for more info on this


Can you envision your family being documented in this way? What would that look like for you? How might it make you feel to have these images today- how about 30 years from now?

If you’d like to set up a time to talk more about these sessions for your own family, please use the contact section. I’d love to talk to you! Until then, please enjoy some of my favorite images from a very recent Lifestyle Newborn Session.