Oh, girls just wanna...take pichurs?!

Kyle was away this weekend on his annual super-manly-smoking-cigars-growing-beards-and-playing-music-camping-trip at my cousin's cabin. He doesn't call it that, but I guess I do.  Since my friend Anna's boyfriend is away on the same burly trip, we decided to have a photography weekend.  While we did shoot a lot this weekend, we also had some fun filler-inners (not a word, but I'm le tired.) Including watching movies that I am too ashamed to talk about in a public forum. Amanda Bynes may or may not have been present in one...or two? Whatever.

Sunday began with a trip to the closest Goodwill for a few household items. This trip (and the items I bought) was 100% inspired by my friend Shannon's recent blog post.  It's worth clickin' on, my friends.

This is all I have from our stop in Yofiore. Delicious lights. Delicious frozen yogurt.

Top Right you'll see a badass cane. They had a LOT of badass canes. My Pop-Pop would've been balllin'. The screen in the image on the bottom was playing "The Facts of Life". A Lucielle Ball/Bob Hope joint. I (hope) it was in commemoration of her 100th birthday.