On Practice. On Film.

The dive into film is going well overall, I'd say. With every roll, I see an improvement. I was never one to rush progress, so any little improvement goes a long way for me.  I am still working on exposure & focus.  The Canon EOS-3 has an interesting feature that seems genius in theory.  It can take the focus point to exactly where your eye is looking in the view finder. After calibrating the mechanism (which operates like a basic vision test), the feature finds where your eye is looking & then locks the focus in there. The problem is, once I recompose & look to the rest of the frame to be sure everything is in it's right place, the focus changes just as I hit the shutter. Insanely frustrating. Initially, I kept thinking, "Wow! I can't believe it can tell where I'm looking! That's amazing! My DSLR doesn't even do that!" Now I can sort of see why the feature wasn't something Canon continued to produce in their products. Much like the thalidomide disaster; only good until rubber meets the road. Okay, so maybe that's a bit too morose of an example. Whatever, I'm pretty serious about this. The first two pictures were taken at home just before sunset.  The rest were taken at "home" in MD on two different mornings. One muggy & gray, the other bright & full of color.  Next week's film post will no doubt feature more portraits & faces. I'm looking forward to it very much & I hope you are too. Again, comments (good & critique) are welcome and wanted.