Philadelphia Elopement Photographer | Buck + Olivia | Almond Photography

I love weddings of all sizes, but intimate weddings like this are lovely, because all the buzz and hustle of a “traditional” wedding fades away. What you’re left with are strong impressions of the small things that made up that big day. Things like watching Olivia pick which dress she was going to wear, because she couldn’t decide. Watching her steam the dress using only the hotel shower steam + a handheld steamer as she did her own makeup. Catching fellow Philadelphians who looked on at their ceremony on Race Street Pier with hopeful eyes as the ceremony (officiated by the bride + groom’s fathers) unfolded. The cloud of laughter + celebration that hung around the small gathering made up of their closest family + friends as they walked the streets of Philadelphia to their post-ceremony dinner at Fork.

All of these elements are the skeletons of stories + memories that Olivia + Buck will tell over and over again as the years pass. These images of that day will forever conjure up those feelings of love + light when the most important people in their lives dropped everything to come watch them get married in Philadelphia. What a wonderful thing to be a part of.

If you know someone having an intimate wedding or elopement, send them my way! Weddings come in all shapes + sizes, + all must be documented no matter how small.