Philadelphia Family Photographer | Evelyn is One | Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

I could talk all day about how precious this family is and what a tremendous job I think Jess & Steve are doing for their children. Preston is kind, considerate, patient, and wise. He is setting an amazing example for his baby sister who I came to photograph for her first birthday. This post is very photo heavy because I couldn't possibly narrow it down. So why should I? Look ahead for all the good stuff :) 

10:00am | Go for a ride & discuss lunch options with Mom. Celebrate when she offers to make you your favorite; a peanut butter "swamwhich".

10:30am | Time to wake the baby & get her dressed! "There's my little cute-heart!", he says softly as he reaches for her between the slats in her crib.

10:45am | Evelyn is ready for her close-up & has successfully located her belly button.

11am | Snack Time

11:20am | Play. Play. Play. 

12:00pm | Story time in Preston's room.

12:30pm | Go outside & play until naptime

All day | Stop to cuddle with Mom.