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Want to know something? I love uneventful, average mornings. I love them in my own life, and I especially love them for family sessions. It leaves room for all the in-between moments to unfold without interruption or pressure.

I spent the morning with this sweet family a few weeks ago. They spent the morning doing what every family with little ones do. Do her ponytail. Play with Playdoh, plead for the toddler to put her shirt back on, feed the baby, change the baby, feed the baby. Explain to her that you can't play right now, because you're feeding the baby (she's not used to sharing mommy just yet). Let the dogs out, let them back in. Re-do her ponytail. Read a story. Get ready for school. Explain to a little girl who is at an age where she only understands time that is relative to RIGHT NOW that she doesn't start at her new school for two more weeks. Re-do her ponytail.

Yes, that's an average morning for many families who have little ones + a brand new baby. But it looks different for everyone because of how our unique relationships + interactions are with one another. 

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