Post Hurricane Beach Day. Perfection.

Who knew? When my sister texted me Monday afternoon from North Wildwood "It's awesome down here! No ones here yet!" I was surprised. I thought for sure after Irene left, the whole world would be heading back down to the shore to finish up what they had left of their vacations. Boy was I wrong.  That night, my mom and I drove down to the little hotel room my sister rented out for the week.  Only one of two of my little nephews was down at that point. Jack was excited to show us around their 100 square foot hotel room.  We went to sleep that night and woke up to begin what would be one of the funnest days I've had in a long time.


It was around this time we noticed the waterpark on Morey's Pier had NO lines.  As Jack said, "That's lucky news!" We quickly (and by we I mean my sister and myself, my mom moves a bit slower) packed up and headed over to the waterpark.  We had a great lunch at Curly's before heading to the water park. was that good.  I wish I had pictures from the water park because it was the most fun I've had in a long, long time. I wish I was back at that park right now with my sister.

Bird, Kristi & me

What a great way to end the summer. Who knew post-hurricane weather is the PERFECT time to go to the beach!  Thanks to my sister for renting this adorable place & inviting us down. The three of us haven't been down the shore all together since my sister and I were little girls. Makes me think we need to make this happen way more often. I'll be thinking about this day for a long time :)