Sarah + BJ | Engaged

Meet Sarah & BJ. They're getting married on the much coveted date, 9-10-11 & I couldn't be more excited to be their photographer.  When we talked about where to do the shoot, they wanted to do a few at their home in Boyertown so they could incorporate a very important part of their life; their dog Mya.  Mya was very good for her part of the shoot (getting some of her favorite treats out of the jar to schmooze her over didn't hurt either) and I got some great shots of the two with their beloved puppy.  We moved over to what used to be a working farm in Sanatoga. BJ grew up on a working farm & was pretty excited about going to the second location.  I enjoyed watching the two walk around & look at the corn & old machinery.  Sarah spotted what has to be the biggest wishie I have ever seen.   Probably just the direct result of growing so close to the power plants.  I love couples that tease and play with each other. There's a real honesty about Sara & BJ and I look forward to documenting their entire wedding day. See more of their engagement shoot here.