Sarah + Matt // Married at the Radnor Hotel

If there was a prize I could give away for "Best Wedding Reception", Sarah & Matt would take it. Anna and I love lively receptions; receptions where we pass each other in the crowd smiling, laughing & dancing with the guests. We have never had more fun than we did at Sarah & Matt's wedding. Hands down. You might be thinking, "Come on, a reception is a reception." Let me ask you this; when was the last time you went to a wedding reception where there were MANY choreographed dances INCLUDING a Flash Mob?? How many wedding receptions have you been to where a group of men dress up as the village people and wholeheartedly perform "YMCA" AND "Macho Man" because it's "tradition"?

Sarah & Matt's first night of marriage was a blast, I can promise you that. Anna & I count ourselves lucky to have been included in this fantastically fun day. Sarah has been best friends with my sister for most of my life and had I known that THAT'S how they do family parties sooner,  I would've invited myself a long time ago! I wish Sarah & Matt many, many years of love and laughs! Surrounded by a family like this one, I think they will have more of those two things than they could ever imagine.

Big THANK YOU to Anna Fischman who took so many wonderful photos of some beautiful moments that day <3