Shannon + Sean // Highschool Sweethearts

My favorite engagement sessions are the ones where the location means something to the couple. This one was by far my favorite in that vein. Shannon & Sean met in high school. They spent all 4 years in the same homeroom, and their lockers were always next to each other. I was deeply honored to photograph this session for them . Plus, I was pretty excited since the high school they graduated from was the same as mine. Going through those doors almost 10 years later was an experience I'll never forget.

For Shannon & Sean, it was emotional in the best way. We'd enter a classroom and Sean would tell me what class they had in that room together, and then they'd stand where they both sat at the time. Then the two (some times 3 of us) of them would recollect memories of teachers, student antics and their time spent together in those rooms. It was incredible.

In the downstairs hallway, Sean took Shannon by the shoulders and placed her in front of a classroom door where Spanish was taught. He said "Tell Dani what this spot is." Shannon looked at him, trying her hardest not to well up. "Go ahead, tell her what this spot means to us!" As he hugged her, Shannon turned her head into his shoulder and wiped away tears. "Well now, I GOTTA know!" I said. "Everyday after lunch, Sean and I would meet here before his Spanish class & my study hall, and we'd give each other a kiss. Every day." And that is why I do what I do; to preserve memories like that one. Long after the old Pius building is sold, Shannon & Sean will have a memento of where it all began.