Shawn + Jennifer | Married

It was a beautiful wedding. This was my response to anyone and everyone who asked me about Shawn & Jen's wedding in Virginia Beach.  I meant it when I said it, but I wasn't just referring to the aesthetics of the wedding. Yes, it was a beautiful spring day. Yes, the venue was perfect. Yes, all of Jen's details from her hair to her cowboy boots (Excuse me, her mom's cowboy boots. She won't let Jen forget that!) down to the tiny flower girl & ring bearer was gorgeous. Above all that, I saw the most beauty through my viewfinder while photographing the two of them during the ceremony & the reception.  My job is to capture the emotions & celebratory mood of the wedding day. By default, my focal point is the mood & emotions the bride, groom, wedding party & guests are experiencing that day. As I snapped away at the wedding, I was watching up-close two people experiencing truly the happiest day of their lives. I never really say things like this, but over and over again as I shot throughout the day, I kept saying to myself, Wow, this is actually beautiful. I would like to thank Jen & Shawn for asking me to be such an important part of this day. It was an honor and a huge privilege to be a part of something so special.  To see more, follow this link by clicking here. Enjoy.