Smiling Kyra

I have been hoping to take pictures of little Kyra since her parents (who I know, no stranger danger here) posted the first pictures of their sweet little girl on Facebook.  Needless to say, I was very happy when Kyra's mom contacted me to take some pictures of this smiling girl just before her first birthday.  I asked her what time of the day is best for Kyra. She said "She's pretty happy all day!" Wow, was she right! I have never seen such a pleasant child.  Kyra found something to do or to play with every where she was. Apparently, she has a love for being outdoors, so French Creek State Park served as a perfect place for us to do her shoot.  She seemed so please with everything she found. Even during a mini-meltdown, Kyra's mommy scooped her up and within 3 seconds, the little girl's frown turned to a smile, "....annnnd she's done!" To see more of this beautiful girl's shoot, click here.