St. Peter's Village

Saturday was gorgeous.  Do you remember? I was like Spring.  I decided to go to one of my favorite spots; St. Peter's Village. While St. Pete's holds a place near and dear to me for my own personal reasons, it's one of my favorite places because it is absolutely flippin' gorgeous.  Everywhere your eye falls, there's something to admire.  I asked my cousin Kari to be my subject for the day and she kindly obliged.  We walked through the boulder field where a river runs through the rocks & then we made our way up into the historic tiny town of St. Peter's Village.  This place has a magical feel to it.  It's really like a place from a fantasy book.  It is a perfect place for an engagement shoot; full of charm, lots of private areas for smooching, an awesome unique antique arcade, ice cream shops, bakeries, luncheonettes. Ugh. I think one day even I'M going to get my engagement pictures done at St. Peter's.  Enough reading, scroll through to see what I mean.

Millepede on the Left. Kid-I-don't-know on the right.

A schmoosy couple on the rocks. Makin' out. And I took a picture 'cause I guess I'm creepy like that.

When I asked my cousin Kari to come with me on this day-trip, I had no idea she had never been to St. Peter's before.  Had I known, I would've told her to leave the flip-flops behind. Sorry, again, Kar.

Gorgeous boulder field which is an adventure to navigate. I love planning out how I'm going to get from one spot to the next & carefully choosing my route to the next big, awesome rock.

"If looks could kill you would be an ooze."

Swimming hole!  The large rock with the shiny side was being used as a slide. I love this place.

I know a lot of photographers shy away from this kind of light, but I seem to love it.

Once you get off the rocks, you can make your way into Historic St. Peter's Village where there is lots to see in a very small area

Kari. People watching mostly.

I specifically took this picture for my friend Shannon over at You're welcome, Shanners ;)

We stopped in St. Peter's Bakery which is filled with yummy muffins, croissants& other delectable treats.

This little shop sold hand-made quilts. I saw a few Amish people checking them out. You know they have to be quality if the Amish are checkin' them out.

We were pretty excited to find this gem. The Antique Pinball Arcade.

This place is easily one of the coolest hidden treasures around.

Filled with antique pinball machines! What a perfect fun spot for a couple to stop to loosen up for their engagement session

I'll leave this post on an educational note.

If you're interested in scheduling your engagement shoot with Almond Photography at St. Peter's Village, please use the "Contact" button at the top of this page. There's so much more to see in this charming little town, but I guess you'll have to go for yourself to find out!