Suzy + Ryan // Married at the William Penn Inn

The entire crowd was up and dancing. The band was fluidly moving from one great song to the next; often coming into the crowd of wedding guests holding the microphone to them so they could sing along. Suzy & Ryan's guests were full of energy; one of the most packed dance floors I've seen yet. So, when a circuit blew and the whole stage went silent, it sent a jolt through the crowd. All the guests peered over each other to see what was going on. Why had the music stopped? What went wrong? This is where many (if not most) brides would go directly to their coordinator or the band and have a small panic attack about their much anticipated & perfectly planned wedding reception coming to a grinding halt. The groom might look at it as great opportunity to freshen up their drink, or take a smoke break, or even back up his bride in her aforementioned panic attack. I should add that I think these are all perfectly normal & fine reactions to this scenario. But it is not what happened at Suzy & Ryan's wedding.

Almost immediately, Suzy & Ryan got up on stage and began singing a familiar tune from Dirty Dancing "Hey, Hey, baby! (OOH! AH!) I wanna know, if you'll be my girl!" Their guests stood on the dance floor, smiling & clapping as they joined in the sing-song. After that,  everyone moved into the chorus of another wedding night favorite, "Build me up Buttercup". Before long, the issue was fixed & the band was up and rolling again. Suzy & Ryan kept the party afloat during the power outage without a flinch.

Call me a sap, but I feel this scenario (although lighthearted and fun) speaks volumes about who these two are as a couple. In a situation they could not have been prepared for, they got up together & kept the ball rolling with smiles & joy in their hearts. They made the best of what could have turned so many people sour and put a damper in the night. As a result, it's a great memory of their day & a true testament to the vows they spoke earlier that day & the team they have become. I know Suzy & Ryan have already had some challenges in their engagement after Suzy lost her dear mother much too soon, and I can only imagine the grace & support they gave each other during that time after watching them handle this hiccup on their wedding day.

For so many reasons, I am honored that I was the photographer for Suzy & Ryan that day. It is no mistake that we were set up to work together over the last year & I feel blessed to have been a part of this truly perfect day. Here are just a fraction of my favorite images.

Wedding Day Creative Team Credits//

Venue // William Penn Inn

Make of Dress // David's Bridal

Hair Stylist // Aleksa Ambrozy Salon  Jennifer

Makeup Artist // Sarah Ferenz

Band // The Insiders