Be Here Now

If I'm being honest, I kind of hope a lot of people aren't reading this because well, I don't know if you've noticed, but it's kind of GORGEOUS out. No big deal, 70 degrees, nice breeze...whatever.  I hope everyone out there is taking this gorgeous weather in and really appreciating it. I think it makes such a difference in your mood when you take time to enjoy the unexpected pleasantries life hands out. As for the remainder of today, I'll take my Utley down to the water for the third day in a row, go on another walk & when I have to be in the house, I'll be leaving the windows wide open. I suggest you do the same & take advantage of this absolutely perfect day.


You're Welcome

I swear this winter was for me. Last year was a rough, rough winter for us. We walked around in our jackets & sweats because we couldn't afford to keep filling the propane tank up every couple of weeks. We tried to build fires to keep the house toasty using the woodstove to save on propane, but the fires always went out in the middle of the night & we'd wake up to a frigid igloo.  Besides that, we bought a cord of wood that wasn't seasoned, so it burned terribly.  The house, when it was "warm", was about 60 degrees.  It was the kind of cold that makes everything in your house cold; the clothes you put on, the surface of the couch, and especially (gasp!) the toilet seat. So, at the beginning of this winter, I prayed for it to be a manageable one. I prayed that somehow, it'd be easier than last winter. If you haven't notice, my prayers have been answered. In short, this mild, mild winter we've been having is all thanks to me. Lord knows I prayed for it!

These images were taken on the only day I witnessed snow here in Maryland. All images were taken using a Canon EOS-3 35mm camera with Kodak Portra 400 film.

Oh, girls just wanna...take pichurs?!

Kyle was away this weekend on his annual super-manly-smoking-cigars-growing-beards-and-playing-music-camping-trip at my cousin's cabin. He doesn't call it that, but I guess I do.  Since my friend Anna's boyfriend is away on the same burly trip, we decided to have a photography weekend.  While we did shoot a lot this weekend, we also had some fun filler-inners (not a word, but I'm le tired.) Including watching movies that I am too ashamed to talk about in a public forum. Amanda Bynes may or may not have been present in one...or two? Whatever.

Sunday began with a trip to the closest Goodwill for a few household items. This trip (and the items I bought) was 100% inspired by my friend Shannon's recent blog post.  It's worth clickin' on, my friends.

This is all I have from our stop in Yofiore. Delicious lights. Delicious frozen yogurt.

Top Right you'll see a badass cane. They had a LOT of badass canes. My Pop-Pop would've been balllin'. The screen in the image on the bottom was playing "The Facts of Life". A Lucielle Ball/Bob Hope joint. I (hope) it was in commemoration of her 100th birthday.





Just us.

Last Friday, I had the privilege of being one of the very few people at C & K's wedding. And by "very few" I mean, the only one besides themselves & Loveta, the officiant. The two decided to get married on the day that marked 1 year since they got engaged. They got married at 9pm at the Annapolis Wedding Chapel with just the two of them.  A wedding like this is a brave move and I feel only for certain couples. For these two, it was the right choice. To see them just getting married for the two of them was really unique. Their vows were said in a more sincere & honest tone than you hear at most weddings. They only focused on each other after the "first kiss" instead of waving to a sea of people.  As I snapped pictures after the ceremony, the newlyweds were giddy & gazed into each other's eyes. No receiving lines, no bubbles or rice.  It was a truly intimate ceremony & to be such an integral part of it was, again, an honor. Now, just to clarify, I am by NO means putting down a traditional wedding with loads of friends and family & bridal parties the size of the Duggar family.  It's so important for most people (myself included) to celebrate these moments in life with those closest to us. That being said, I am so glad I got to be a part of this unique wedding experience. It was just down to the bare bones of what it's all about; two people committing themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. That simple. Refreshing reminder? Yes indeed. TThis was a special request! I do NOT normally get picture with the bride and groom! Loveta (owner & officiant at the AWC said, "Okay, now look at Danielle!") Thought it was worth sharing. It's always an interesting feeling being on the other side of the camera :)

"My Goal In Life Is To Be As Good Of A Person My Dog Already Thinks I am."-Author Unknown

A few shots of Utley playing fetch by the water today.  I don't care how crazy it makes me sound, this guy is a good friend of mine.  He's always so happy to see me, he seems to know when I don't feel well or when I need extra comfort & he's so helpful; he's always willing to pick up the little scraps of food that fall on the floor while I'm cooking! So thoughtful.  This guy has been shuffled around a lot in his short little life & that makes me feel sad for him. I wonder sometimes how much memory he has of his past owners & if he's capable of missing them, or if he wonders if he'll ever go back to them. Does he want to?? I'm probably just anthropomorphizing the situation, still I can't help but wonder sometimes. I'll never know what he thinks, but I know I'm glad he ended up with me.


Back up to Friday and you will meet this little dude & his twin sister. (Obviously, not pictured.)I like this picture because he looks ready to punch me in the nose. A wise guy, eh?

What a sweet girl.  She kept smiling again and again. I know that means "gassy baby", but who cares?! Look how darling!  It seemed she was intentionally sweet for the entire shoot. She would look right at me as if to say, "Ok, what would you like me to do next? I'm down for whatever." It was great.

Tried & True

I am completely guilty of getting a shot like this with almost every baby that will allow me to do so. The shot with their soft brand new hands curled up near their  little face.I love their little hands & how wrinkly they are. Like little old folks.  There's something peaceful about this classic newborn pose for me. That's probably why I continue to capture it again & again.  


Baby of the Day

Well today there were not as many babies as usual. This little one was fussier than she appears. What I liked about her was her little hat.  It was a little big on her & it was so girly & lavish, I thought she looked great! Her mom wasn't sure if the hat would fit, so I put it on and I knew immediately her mom was in love, "Look! Oh! She looks like my little present!"